Know ~ Love ~ Serve

Notre Dame Regional Secondary School is a Catholic school, one with the mission of Christ, which seeks to educate the whole student - the body, the intellect, and the spirit. Notre Dame is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all its students.

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Principal's Message

The Catholic School’s theme for the 2021/22 school year is “One Family, One Hope in Christ”. That theme reminds us that faith and family are not meant to be separate parts of our lives. 

Faith is formed through personal, trusted relationships, more often in homes. Parents and extended family are often the biggest influence for passing on faith & values. Catholic schools support those efforts and do their best to enhance students’ relationship with God through what we teach, by offering different formation opportunities, and through our actions, which should include leadership by example.


We have heard the expression, “It is caught more than it is taught”.  That idea suggests that faith is more a matter of the heart than just what we learn through our education.  The idea that faith is important but faith in action is even more important.  All of us demonstrate our faith in action each and every day in our relationships, in our day to day choices. 


It takes physical materials to build a house; it requires loving, trusting and authentic relationships to make it a home.  If home is where the heart is and we truly believe that every heart reserves a place for God, then we not only have a real opportunity to better understand this year’s theme; we have an obligation to demonstrate that understanding through our actions and in all of our relationships.


May the good Lord bless all of our faithful families here at Notre Dame. 

Vision & Values


Our journey to know God and self is strengthened through academic excellence



We are committed to loving the Lord our God with our all hearts, all our souls and all our  minds, and to loving our neighbours as oursleves.



With Jesus Christ as our model, we serve our own community and respond to the needs  of the greater community through prayer and good works.


As members of the Notre Dame community we strive to do our best.  This commitment to  excellence manifests itself in a strong work ethic, determination and persistence to  succeed.


We foster healthy relationships between all members of our Notre Dame community -  students, staff, parents, pastors, parishes and alumni.


We believe respect is the core of all relationships.

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