The Notre Dame Bands

The instrumental music program at Notre Dame boasts four wind ensembles, two jazz
ensembles, and three handbell ensembles. We offer a comprehensive program where all students
regardless of past experience are welcome to participate. All wind ensemble (concert band)
classes take place in the school timetable, jazz ensemble classes take place after school, and the
handbell ensembles take place in the morning prior to the start of the school day.
Each year the students have the opportunity to perform and travel together to various music
festivals. Recent trips include Hawaii, Banff, Whistler, Sun Peaks, and Victoria. Committed to
excellence, the Notre Dame Bands have received numerous Gold/Superior ratings at festivals
throughout North America. Our program is committed to inclusivity and enthusiastically
programs music by composers from diverse backgrounds each school year.

About the Director

Mr. Imran Amarshi is the Director of Bands and a Department Head Teacher at Notre Dame
Regional Secondary in Vancouver. At Notre Dame, he leads the instrumental music program and
conducts four wind ensembles, two jazz ensembles, and three handbell ensembles. He is also a
Sessional Lecturer and the Interim Conductor of the UBC Concert Winds at the University of
British Columbia School of Music. Mr. Amarshi graduated with his Bachelor of Music and
Bachelor of Education degrees from UBC, where he studied clarinet with Jenny Jonquil and
conducting with Dr. Robert Taylor. As a strong supporter of music education in Canada, Mr.
Amarshi is the Honour Wind Ensemble Coordinator for the British Columbia Music Educators’
Association, and a board member for the Handbell Musicians of Canada.


Student Testimonial

Elegance is defined as the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance, manner and style. The Notre Dame Jazz and Concert Band program epitomizes this and allows students to express themselves creatively through music, rehearsals, practice, and general hardwork.


Over time, students will find joy in music-making by providing additional educational experience, or even a career following post-secondary. These programs are available to students attending Notre Dame of all grade levels and are open to teach students with differing musical expertise. It focuses on developing techniques on wind, brass, and percussion instruments, fostering a sense of individual and group responsibility. Furthermore, students will mature in musical literacy skills, advancing in the real world as knowledgeable, skillful  musicians.


On another note, the Notre Dame Band program centers itself around the motto: “Rehearsal is a musical end in itself: the concert is a byproduct of rehearsal, not the reason for it.” Apart from music, the program enables students to create life-long friendships and tune skills that can be used in other departments throughout secondary years.

Lorenz Seneca

Grad '22