At Notre Dame, our prestigious dance program provide aspiring performers with the opportunity and resources to develop and grow as dancers, realize the full potential of their skills, and cultivate love and respect for dance.


Dance Squad provides students at Notre Dame to be a part of a community, each having a goal of expressing their talents in dance. Having experience or not, Dance Squad accepts all students willing to spend their time and energy in learning choreography made by Notre Dame students and the talented coach, Mr. Pagcaliwagan.


Since 1999, Notre Dame has granted young dancers access to a multitude of opportunities for skill development, competition, and team bonding. Notre Dame is proud to be the annual host of the Strictly Dance Competition, where high school students from all over the Lower Mainland come to display their talents in front of a grand audience. With workshops, practices, and competitions, students who choose to join the Notre Dame Dance Squad will find themselves not only strengthening their dance expertise, but also forging new friendships, with our members forming a tight-knit community of encouragement, teamwork, and positivity, promoting continuous self-improvement among our members.


Notre Dame’s Dance Squad will work to provide you with the support you need to cultivate your talents, express your creativity, and grow: not only as a dancer but as a person

Kirsten Holgado

Grad '22