During the autumn season, the Notre Dame soccer team, coached by Mr. Pavan and Mr.Tempesta, is a terrific way to be a part of the Notre Dame community. This team is a fantastic way to try something new and make friends from grades 9 to 12 and mentoring grades eights along the way.  The team possesses a diverse set of abilities in a wide range of areas fostering a brotherhood and desire to work together for a common goal.  Being a part of Notre Dame soccer provides the opportunity to learn and grow from successes and loses and be more than just an athlete but a complete person.   Senior Soccer provides a fantastic chance to try something new, meet new people, and create lasting memories during your high school years.  The season runs from September to November with three major tournaments scheduled, those being the BC Catholic Soccer Championship, the Zone Championship and the ultimate goal the BC Provincial Championship.  Join the Notre Dame soccer team and become a part of the Juggler community now.

- Lorenzo Audia Grad '22