Learning Resource Department


Notre Dame provides support services to help meet the learning needs of every student in our community. The Learning Resource department’s focus is to provide a positive learning environment for EVERY student. We work collaboratively with teachers, parents, and students to establish a learning environment that best suits the student and their specific learning style. Our Learning Resource department offers courses such as Program Support and Life Skills.


Program Support:


Program Support is offered to students in grade 8, 9 and 10. It is strategically designed to reinforce study skills, organization, and time management skills along with support for academic classes. This support is offered instead of a second language.


Life Skills Courses:


Life skills courses are offered to students who are on a non-academic program. Through these courses, students can learn skills which are necessary for every day, independent living. Life skills teach students how to set goals, make decisions, solve problems, communicate, and make healthy life choices